Project: Swiss Butter Restaurant new Branch- Verdun, Beirut
Contractor: Tractum for Contracting
The project was a challenge by itself. The contractor executed the whole restaurant in a period of 1 month. We as FreshCut had to do the job in a maximum of 3 days without delaying other sub-contractors working on the same site.
For such jobs the only way to act was to keep the existing slab and work on top of it. TopCrete Overlay 601 from Creative Concrete Concepts was the solution.
First we removed all waste residues especially the embossed ones.
Second we patched all negative spaces with the PatchCrete 601 Non-Shrink Structural Grout
We applied the basecoat  BondCrete SP
Finally we ended the day by applying the TopCrete 601 Overlay at a thickness of 5-8 mm
The TopCrete 601 Overlay had an excellent workability making it easy to be trowelled. So we trowelled the surface the whole day.
Second we did all necessary touch ups.
At day 3 we grinded the surface this gave it a concrete finish look.
Finally we ended the day by applying the ElastoCrete 212 which is a special paint that preserves the slab from all kinds of damages. (Matt finish)
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