About us

2002, was the year when architect Michael Habr established a company named De-concrete, working in the field of decorative concrete for both horizontal and vertical applications. He coalesced skills with Education to move the business of Decorative Concrete from being limited in usage, to a vast range of designs & ideas in the construction fields. He implemented and added new ideas to the decorative concrete systems in a unique and professional way relying on research and development. He also managed the company and trained Concrete Professionals in order to make them dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service in a way that made it able to execute more than a million square meters of Decorative Concrete floorings. The company thus reached a high standard in offering services that other local installers can never match. 
In 2020, Michael Habr moved the company one step forward and with the suppliers’ help, De-concrete started working with raw materials that are eco-friendly. In the same year, De-Concrete changed the name to FRESH CUT
Fresh Cut  is now the new name for all kinds of decorative concrete applications, including but not limited to Stamped Concrete, Smooth Concrete, Micro topping, overlay, Acid Staining, Exposed Aggregates, Micro Terrazzo, Polished Concrete, Brushed Concrete, …
Our company simply masters the work of Decorative Concrete for Interior and Exterior, Floors, and wall applications.


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