Overlay Concrete System (imprint system)

Fresh Cut sal transforms worn, old, used, and even damaged slabs to a new surface by applying a thin layer of premixed powder of 6-10 mm. Application is done with a trowel, squeegee, or a gauge rake & smoother. Overlays can be stamped or polished, and it also can be plain or with crushed stone blend.
Fresh Cusal uses Pavecrete 601 as the coloring powder and as the hardener that makes the surface of the freshly poured concrete, resistant to several kinds of physical impacts.


Substrate Preps
Pavecrete 601 Mixing
Paste Spreading
Magnesium Troweling
Blue Steel Troweling

Some of our Projects

Equally Spread
Satin Touch Swiss Butter
Unique Look
Lixio Overlay Polished
The Rock int.
The Rock int.
The Rock int.
The Rock int.
The Rock int.
The Rock int.
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